Vadim Paripa specializes in curating editorial documentary boutique weddings across the west coast  

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Vadim Paripa
Vadim Paripa
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A seattle Los angeles photographer who's goal it is to capture the authentic, the raw,  beauty of your wedding day

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Capturing the fleeting moments that speak volumes to you.

My comprehensive portfolio not only showcases prowess behind the lens but also underlines deep-rooted skill for weaving together visuals.

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Got questions? Explore our FAQs for clear and concise answers

Can I see a full wedding gallery?

Of course! I’d love to show you a full wedding gallery! Email me and I’m happy to send you a few to look at!

When can I expect my wedding pictures back?

When editing your images, I put a lot of time and love into each and every image! I make sure the edit on your images are consistent throughout your entire session. You can expect you images back 9 weeks after your wedding day. This time does fluctuate during summers depending on the how busy the season is.

What is Bridal session?

A bridal session is a session that takes place before or after your wedding day. There are so many plus to doing them before or after. Your wedding day is filled with spending time, celebrating you both with your family and friends. Sometimes, time doesn’t allow for a lot of intimate moments with you both. Doing the session before or after takes that stress away and also allows for us to go to a fun, epic location in the mountains, the beach or the city for a relaxed session. However, know you do not need this! I am able to get a lot of images of just the two of you in a short amount of time. Adding this session just allows me to get to hang out with you both longer ;)

Do you travel for weddings?

Yes!!! I love to travel!

How do I book?

Fill out the form above and we will schedule a time to talk through Facetime to get to know each other. Once I get the firm yes, I’ll send you a contract, invoice for retainer and once contract and invoice are taken care of, your wedding date is booked and secured!